Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

The demolition of the first and oldest McDonald’s in Ceres was delayed a few minutes Monday morning as workers salvaged the plastic golden arches that was part of the signage ripped off the building by a large excavator.

A small group stood by with cell phones in hand, recording the hydraulic beast eat away at the Hatch Road facility near Highway 99 which first was constructed in 1977. It had changed over the years with improvements made to the interior and drive-thru in 1994 and 1995.

The demolition will make way for a larger structure.

In October 2021 the Ceres Planning Commission gave its approval of plans to bulldoze the 3,096 square-foot restaurant and replace it with a new 4,506 square foot restaurant.

The McDonald’s corporation had been working with city staff since March 2021 about demolishing their old facility and expanding it. A conditional use permit (CUP) was needed because of significant changes to the operation, including a two-lane drive-thru approach.

The parking configuration will essentially remain the same with the exception of a new ADA parking space with a pathway to the new building and the elimination of two parking spaces at the north end of the property in order to accommodate the new two-lane drive-thru lanes. Additionally, there will be an added bypass lane along the west end of the property in which the applicant may direct customers to that lane in times when large food orders are received, which will aid in improving on-site vehicle circulation.

Hala Ibrahim, project manager of PM Design Group, Inc. of American Canyon said in 2021 that “McDonald’s has made significant changes to the design of their restaurants from the old to the new style both in building and site planning standards. The purpose of the upgrade to the façade and the dining area is to renew the building with some of the branding features of McDonald’s latest design prototype. This will enhance brand recognition and attract customers.”

The building will not have an indoor children’s play room.

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By Samy