Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

Kamila McDonald is arguably Jamaica’s most popular, internationally recognized face of healthy living. Her startup initiative, the Wellfit Club, launched in April 2020, two months into the pandemic lockdown, serving both Jamaicans on the island, as well as those living abroad. These virtual classes and expert advice sessions were lifesavers for many, as we were held hostage in our own homes by the invisible killer, COVID-19.

Since 2023, McDonald has bumped up her offerings by several notches. At just US$30 a month, WellFit Club members learn about the pillars of wellness and are provided access to a supportive community of like-minded individuals. Each of the pillars covers a core component for healthy living.

Move Well

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The first pillar is movement. The Wellfit Club offers 14 live workout sessions each week. These include HIIT routines, strength training, yoga, pilates, and much more. Access to the entire backlog of workouts is also available. McDonald created this component of the club’s programming based on research that indicates that daily exercise, in any capacity, is essential for physical and mental health, while improving the quality of sleep.

Eat Well

Eating well is the second pillar. Members are walked through pantry strategies and meal prep techniques designed to fit within a busy work-week. Over 100 recipes are provided, as well as live nutrition masterclasses every week. To further supplement this pillar, Kamila’s Kitchen, her Ital restaurant based in Kingston, Jamaica, provides meal kits that are customized to each client’s preferences.

Live Well

Living well is the final active pillar of the Wellfit Club. Members are taught to build healthy mental habits, such as daily affirmations, journaling, weekly live meditations, and mindfulness sessions with experts such as Jamaican diaspora experts Sky Jarett, Dr. Kim Scott, and Dr. Kimani McDonald.

Other Pillars of Health

Other pillars of the club include drinking well through proper hydration; resting well by carving out downtime and relaxation; sleeping well through adequate sleep;  and feeling well by partaking in activities that feed the soul.

The WellFit club is designed for a world changed by the pandemic. It’s an accessible and flexible way for both Jamaicans at home and throughout the diaspora to maintain a healthy routine that never gets stale.

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